Selecting a project delivery system is a bit like choosing and preparing a good recipe. Clients must select appropriate components that can be combined to make a successful project. The following components define the project delivery approach:

  • Sequence Type- Overlaps Services?
  • Pre-Construction Services- Design Format?
  • Construction Services- Contractor Entity?
  • Contract Type- Defines Financing?

Clients should select a delivery system that best matches their company and project anatomy, by assessing the control factors of the project; budget, delivery, changes, management, and risk. Although there are many variants of the common project delivery systems, all of these methods are derived from only three distinct ways of sequencing the design and construction services of a project:

  • Linear- Design activity fully precedes pre-construction and construction services.
  • Parallel- Some pre-construction services are delivered while design work is incomplete.
  • Fast Track- Some aspects of actual construction precede the completion of design work.

Each of the sequencing methods offer relative advantages in terms of predictability of cost, time, and scope. These factors are not mutually exclusive; there are tradeoffs that need to be considered in order to achieve your primary objectives successfully.

Down Under Construction is involved with construction projects at all levels. We are capable of turn-key delivery, from preliminary conception to construction completion. We can also perform construction services for projects designed by others. Our design capabilities greatly enhance and complement our construction services in either situation.

DUC has extensive experience with the following project delivery methods:

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