Collaborative Project Delivery Team

Contractor Entity:

Collaborative Project Delivery Team (CPDT- Constructor)

Contract Basis:

Cost Plus with Shared Savings/Incentives/Rewards-
  • Tri-Party Agreement, the Owner, designer and constructor sign the Agreement at the inception of the project, binding them to collaborate in the planning, design, development and construction of the project and a sharing of project risks and rewards different than traditional projects. Compensation for parties in the IPD delivery method, other than the owner, is typically comprised of three components: Cost reimbursement to cover costs, incentive for achieving or bettering agreed project cost targets, and rewards for accomplishing set project goals. Ideally all costs, bases of costs, and cost inputs from all parties to the contract(s) are fully open-book in nature; and all incentive and goal achievement compensation will be agreed to by the team and incorporated in the contracts in advance. There is no guaranteed maximum price or lump sum.

Selection Criteria:

Qualifications Based & Best Value-
  • Because true and meaningful collaboration requires a high degree of trust, choosing the right people with whom to team is paramount. Therefore, besides typical technical skills, alliance proponents are chosen based on their willingness to buy-in completely to the ideas of sharing risk, open and honest communication, and creating a "no blame" culture that encourages collaboration and innovation.

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