Construction is inherently a complex endeavor. An owner embarking on a construction project or program faces a variety of challenges, such as time and cost constraints, program and quality goals, project team creation and integration, and internal organizational requirements.

Down Under Construction offers comprehensive design-build, construction management and general contracting services. These varied services are offered to suit the unique needs of our clients, and can include: programming, feasibility, planning, schematic design, design development, estimating, value engineering, construction documents, constructability, permitting, procurement, contract administration, scheduling, quality assurance, field supervision, performance reporting, risk monitoring, change management, record keeping, payment processing, dispute resolution, and project close-out.

DUC has the flexibility to collaborate under the following contractual relationships:

General Contractor

Contractor Entity:

General Contractor (GC)

Contract Basis:

Lump Sum-
  • Agreement to perform the work for one fixed price, regardless of cost to the contractor.

Construction Manager Agency

Contractor Entity:

Construction Manager Agency (pureCM, Program Manager)

Agency Construction Management is a management process whereby the owner utilizes a construction manager (CM) as its principal agent to advise on or manage the process over the life of the project, or during specific phases of the project. These services may include cost management, detailed estimating, constructability reviews, milestone and critical path scheduling, and value analysis. The CM also acts as the owner’s representative with the rest of the project team, acting as the point of contact for the designer, contractors, and other specialty consultants engaged in the project by the owner.

This construction management variation will allow the use of multiple-prime contracts where the owner contracts directly with the specialty (trade) contractors who bid on each bid package.

This process gained favor in part as another method of "fast-tracking" construction. Work in each construction discipline is bid separately, allowing the flexibility of awarding construction contracts on the first portions of the project as soon as the respective aspect of design is completed. This fast-track approach can be a highly desirable feature of this method of procurement when time of performance is critical.

Another advantage of this process is that the owner has the potential to realize savings by directly procuring major material items, such as structural steel or major mechanical equipment, and avoiding contractor mark-ups.

Construction Manager At-Risk

Contractor Entity:

Construction Manager At-Risk (CM@R, CM/GC)

Contract Basis:

Cost Plus with Guaranteed Maximum Price-
  • Agreement to perform work and be reimbursed on the basis of actual Cost of work Plus a percentage fee, with the contractor guaranteeing that an agreed Maximum Price will not be exceeded. When the total of the final cost and the contractor's fee are less than the guaranteed price, the savings are shared between the contractor and owner. In private work, in lieu of a GMP, a lump sum contract amount (where the Owner does not participate in any potential savings) or a cost plus contract arrangement is also used.


Contractor Entity:

Design-Builder (DB)

Contract Basis:

Lump Sum or Cost Plus-
  • Agreement to perform both design and construction with one entity, under a single contract between the Owner and the Design-Build Contractor. The design may be performed within the Contractor's organization, or it may be performed by design professionals under a contract with the Design-Build Contractor. The contractual responsibility to the Owner for full performance on all phases of the project is vested in one entity, the Design-Build Contractor.

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